What our clients say about us

High Quality Beds, Chairs, Tables & Treatment Couches in Australia

At Forme Medical, we design and create every treatment table with our customers in mind. Each bed is designed and hand crafted in our Manufacturing facility in Australia. Examination beds and all other products are individually hand-tested so we can pass on the highest possible quality and longevity to you.

Since 1985, we’ve been committed to providing medical professionals across the country with premium and functional treatment beds that adhere to the high standards set by specialist medical practitioners.

Servicing a range of professional fields, from cardiology and gynaecology equipment, to a selection of examination beds for ultrasound and imaging departments, Forme Medical maintains its reputation as a leader in examination couches, Australia wide.

We continue to push technology and develop progressively innovative products.

Forme Medical is a division of Alevo Pty Ltd.

Custom Designed Treatment Beds

Create the product that suits the needs of your organisation. Not all clinics and hospitals have the same requirements when it comes to the most ideal examination beds. Australia looks for innovation, functionality and flexibility in their couch models, and Forme Medical has been creating products around those features for 35 years.

Select the fabric colour that is the best fit for your particular organisation and rest assured our high-quality fabric is flame resistant and UV resistant, with a Protech coating to guard against stains and the growth of bacteria.

Only pay for what you need, when you choose from our optional extras such a white LED light, padded swivel arm rests and central wheel locking.

Dedication to Research and Development

Forme Medical never settles for average. Our products develop as the medical industry does, so we can continue to meet the high demands set and our customers can offer a comfortable service to their patients.

Continuous research and customer feedback form the backbone of the design for our patient positioning products. All treatment couches and examination chairs have evolved to be at the forefront of the market, enabling us to confidently supply products to specialist departments across the Australian medical industry.

We Are Alevo

Why we are here….

When we design our treatment tables, there is always one person at the forefront of our minds, you, the clinician. We start by asking the simple questions – what can we do to make a clinician’s life easier and at the same time improve the patient experience? Our aim is to reduce stress and lift your capacity to heal.

This means we will use human centered design to develop unique knowledge of the way clinicians deliver treatments and translate those insights we gain into designing and manufacturing treatment tables that both elevate the performance of the clinician and enhance the patient journey.

Where have we come from…

We have been passionate about enhancing the work of the clinician since 1986, when our founders saw an unmet need in treatment tables and started to design and manufacture tables in a garage. They embarked on a design and manufacturing journey that is still going strong.

What we are good at…

Now 35 years later, we continue to design and manufacture in Ballarat. We manufacture and market treatment tables domestically and internationally, have a large staff team throughout Australia and have three well recognised brands – Athlegen, Centurion Tables and Forme Medical, but the core of our business remains the same…

We continue to place you at the heart of our business, we listen and respond to your needs with modern, elegant, agile, and easy to use treatment tables made in Australia, that are renowned worldwide for their longevity. Without the work you do, there would be no Alevo.