More patient safety with Electric central locking Medical couches and procedural tables keep evolving

We have some great news about a new feature, that is now becoming available to enhance patient safety on our couches, whether the beds are for Echo Cardiac scanning, General Ultrasound or Vascular, these tables can have the all new feature of electric castors, the new innovation made by Fallshaw.

Our talented product development team are currently hard at work on an exciting feature, to enhance the patient safety by adding the Electric central locking EBC, particularly the ones that are frequently moved between rooms.

Introducing the all new electric central locking not only going to avoid having that pedal protruding from the bed and forming a tripping hazard, but will also have motion detection to lock all castors automatically, if the couch stayed still for 60 seconds.

This is our commitment to consistently develop our product offerings, we pride ourselves on having couches in the market place for more than 20 years, an still operating efficiently, this is across Cardiology, Gynaecology, Physiotherapy and general Ultrasound specialities.

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