Benefits of electrically powered medical couches

Having a medical couch or treatment table that is easy to operate and manipulate can make a procedure easier and more comfortable for both the medical practitioner and patient.

Medical couches and treatment tables come in many different forms, from those with a fixed height and backrest, or manual and gas ram assisted adjustments, to couches that are electrically powered to offer the effortless movement of the couch height, backrest and leg rest (if the couch has one).

Unlike manual and gas ram assisted movement, electrically powered couches allow ergonomic and flexible movement. Practitioners can slowly and gently adjust the height of the couch, backrest or leg rest to the exact position that is comfortable for the patient and appropriate for the procedure. Using high quality motors, such as those on Forme Medical’ products, means these movements are made with little noise or effort.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) recommends that accredited medical practices have one or more height adjustable beds.

According to the RACGP guidelines:

“Height adjustable beds are especially necessary for patients with limited mobility and the College has therefore determined that each accredited practice must have one or more height adjustable beds.

“Height adjustable beds may assist general practice teams to:

– reduce the risks associated with patients getting on and off the examination couch, especially for people with impaired mobility

– reduce the risk of misdiagnosis or nondetection of serious medical conditions through difficulty in conducting an examination if a patient is not able to be examined on a standard examination couch

– reduce the risk of practice staff injuring themselves when examining patients or assisting patients on and off an examination couch

– reduce risks associated with the practice’s legal responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act to ensure equal access for people with disability to the same range and quality of medical care as others.”

Standards for general practices (4th edition), Criterion 5.1.1, Practice facilities RACGP

Electric couches or treatment tables are just as important for specialist practices, where complex diagnoses and procedures may be required, as they are more adaptable to the requirements of the doctor and patient. Forme Medical manufactures and distributes a range of products that are specially tailored to procedures in gynaecology, ultrasound, podiatry, dermatology and more, with features such as cut out drop sections for echo cardiac scanning, 60 degree couch tilt and trendelenburg tilt.

More information on the RACGP guidelines can be found here.

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