Phlebotomy Arm Rest

In 2013, we were approached by an Australian IVF clinic to develop an armrest that was suitable for Phlebotomy. The client wanted to reduce the need to move patients between treatment couches by attaching an armrest that could be used for withdrawing blood to one of our Gynaecology couches, the Sapphire (AMC 2130).

After meeting with the client and researching the latest technology, we developed an arm rest with a sloped contour to make it easier to draw blood that is also fully adjustable and universal for any patient. The arm rest is padded and can be colour matched to the examination chair, with a small lever to easily lock the arm rest into any position. The arm rest is also fully height adjustable and may be removed if needed.

The addition of the arm rest to our Sapphire examination couch has allowed staff at the clinic to treat more patients in a safer working environment with reduced patient handling and movement. The extra inclusion of the backward tilt customisation (Trendelenburg) on the examination couch, gives staff the ability to tilt the patient head down if they are feeling faint, meaning they no longer need to move a patient who is unwell.

We now offer the padded swivel arm rest as an optional extra on all our examination couches and treatment tables.