Forme Medical is proud to offer Australian medical practitioners a selection of examination couches and tables designed for clinician ease of use and patient comfort. Built to deliver longevity in even the highest traffic medical centres, our collection of tables delivers the features and reliability modern healthcare practitioners need from their equipment. Explore our range today and discover an effective addition to your practice, allied health clinic or aged care facility. All Forme 2100 and 2500 models are proudly designed and made in Australia.

High-quality examination tables for a range of specialities

Understanding the diversity of the Australian healthcare sector and the specialised needs of individual practitioners, Forme Medical offers a range of examination couches for use in a range of procedures. We offer tables for use in gynaecology, cardiology, ultrasound, cosmetic surgery, general practice, massage therapy and more, ensuring that whatever the specific needs of your practice and your patients, you’re equipped to meet them. All of our beds are designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind. Made from easy to clean high quality UV resistant vinyl and offering electronic adjustment of height, backrest and leg sections, it’s a flexible addition to any practice. Specialist cardiology units offer drop down access to chest areas, while other models provide independent leg height control for podiatrists and gynaecologists. Consider the Forme Medical range for your practice.

Let Forme Medical outfit your examination room or operating theatre

Forme Medical delivers a broad range of equipment for practitioners across the healthcare sector. From equipping hospitals with comfortable bedding and state-of-the-art lighting to providing flexible seating for out-patient and day surgery practices, Forme Medical is a partner to the local healthcare community. Browse our collection today and discover the equipment you need to serve your patients.