Score Amazone Balance with Back – Saddle Stool

Experience the unparalleled comfort of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomically shaped saddle maintains a healthy back posture and reduces sitting fatigue.

The Balance™ models encourage “active seating” by a unique multi-directional tilting mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement. Active seating stimulates the muscles in the lower back improving muscle tone and strength and helps reduce back pain.
The Balance™ mechanism is only available from Score the Dutch manufacturer of the world’s most comfortable ergonomic saddle seats.

Score saddle seats come in two different seat shapes and sizes. The Amazone models have a narrower front section and a smaller seat (340mm wide). They have a narrower front section than the Jumper models which allows you to sit with your knees closer together.

  • Australian Owned

    Australian owned

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