Surgical Colposcopes

Optical colposcope machines of high-quality lenses are essential for gynaecologists in recognising precancerous changes in the cervix. Forme Medical is proud to supply some of the most superior colposcopes that allow for a superior image while also having the ability to export the image to an external display screen.

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We have built our business on ongoing research due to the ever-evolving landscape of the Australian medical industry. It is with these principles that we are able to maintain the highest possible standard for your practice.

Our colposcopy equipment is built with clinical personnel in mind. With superior features that allow for premium functionality, you and your staff can conduct a colposcopy that is effective and seamless.

All of our colposcopy equipment is manufactured in our factory here in Australia and exceeds the rigorous guidelines of the medical industry. Whether you’re an individual practice or require colposcopy equipment for a hospital or clinic, you need an investment that is going to be functional, enduring and of premium quality.

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Forme Medical has been providing high quality examination and operation equipment to the Australian medical industry since 1985, including operating room lights and ultrasound examination beds.

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