27 March 2017

More patient safety with Electric central locking Medical couches and procedural tables keep evolving

We have some great news about a new feature, that is now becoming available to enhance patient safety on our couches, whether the beds are for Echo Cardiac scanning, General Ultrasound or Vascular, these tables can have the all new feature of electric castors, the new innovation made by Fallshaw. Our talented product development team […]

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08 March 2017

Multi Speciality Medical Couches are here! Medical couches and procedural tables keep evolving

The all convenient multi Speciality Medical Couch from Forme Medical, recently, and by listening to customers’ feedback, Forme Medical developped a new table to cover different specialities like Gynecology, Echo Cardiology, General examination and Ultrasound, Urology, physiotherapy, Podiatry and Vascular. Particularly for Universities, teaching¬†Hospitals and private clinics where same room is used by different specialists […]

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