Fold down side rail redevelopment

New side rails

In response to feedback we received from customers and medical professionals during the Australian Sonographer’s Association conference in May, we have redesigned our side rails to provide better support and comfort to patients.

A number of visitors to our stand mentioned that our side rails (an additional customisation available on many of our examination couches and treatment tables) didn’t always provide enough support to patients during procedures. So we’ve spent the last couple of months redeveloping them.

The main change has been to the shape of the rails so patients are more comfortable when gripping them for support. By developing a round and uninterrupted frame we have minimised entrapment pinch points. We have also changed the length and height of the railing to better suit varying patient heights and sizes and provide more stability for patients during examination couch movements.

The side rails can still be folded down with the simple pull of a pin, as with our earlier side rails, but now they fold away a bit further under the couch, so that you can get closer to your patients when the rails are not needed.

The new fold down side rails are available now as an optional customisation on a range of our treatment tables and examination couches.

One of the greatest benefits for us when we attend conferences is the chance to interact with medical professionals and get their feedback on our products. We love listening to your thoughts and finding out what you need, so we can make products that work best for you. If you wish to share your feedback at any time, do get in touch with us!